Windows Blue: Microsoft Plans To Release A New Version Of Windows Every Year

Microsoft Blue was a codename that Microsoft used for a project, that we not yet know anything about. In August, three months before the big Windows 8 release, "Blue: Project" was getting headlines. Some of the reporters at that time thought it was "Windows 9, the next big thing", while others thought "It was just another service pack (sort of)". But for now if you believe the unnamed sources, Windows Blue is a major update to Windows 8, and also the begninning of a major shift that will result in a major release of Windows every 12 months (just like what Apple is doing with OS X right now)

Adding to it, sources also believe that Blue will roll out in mid 2013, which will be possibly free. Or even if Microsoft charged for it, it will be comparable to what Apple charged for upgrading to Mountain lion. 

Slashdot writes 
Exact details are still rather vague, but at the very least Blue will make 'UI changes' to Windows 8. The sources also indicate that the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 SDKs will be merged or standardized, to further simplify the development of cross-platform apps. Perhaps more important, though, is the shift to a 12-month release cadence. Historically, Microsoft has released a major version of Windows every few years, with the intervening periods populated with stability- and security-oriented service packs. Now it seems that Microsoft wants to move to an OS X-like system, where new and exciting features will be added on an annual basis. In turn, Microsoft will drop the price of these releases — probably to around $25, just like OS X.
It makes sense, since Apple and Google are making their development cycles shorter and shorter, Microsoft needs to add features in OS pretty seriously fast. 
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