Windows Phone 8 Users Reports Battery and Random Boot Issues

It's not even a month when Nokia and HTC's flagship Windows Phone 8 devices went on sale, and users are reporting battery and random boot issues lately. In a forum post at WPCentral, whose thread has over 143 replies, a variety of HTC 8X and Lumia 920 users are reporting battery issues. The Verge has also confirmed that their Demo HTC 8X device rebooted on more than one occasion.

Mashable's Christina Warren is also having a similar battery issue with her Nokia Lumia 920. She tweeted a screen snap of her Phone showing time since last charge. She noted a drop of whopping 54% of battery in just 2 hours. Here's her tweet. On her story posted on Mashable:

Yesterday, that changed. I left my office around 4:15 to go to an event — the phone was at 100%. By the time I got to the event’s location — maybe 20 minutes later, I’d probably lost 10 or 15% of my battery. Moreover, the phone was very hot to the touch.
At the event, I sent a few tweets, took a few photos and browsed some websites. I noticed the phone was getting increasingly warm and that the battery life was dropping quickly. I made sure my background tasks were off (only weather could still run in the background), NFC was turned off, and I didn’t have geotagging on the camera. By 6 p.m., my phone was down to 55%, dropping at least 40% in just 90 minutes.

Lumia 920 users are also reporting some random reboots, freezes and certainly poor battery life. For now, resetting your Windows phone 8 fixes all these above mentioned issues and it seems just the only way to fix these issues. 
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