Nokia Lumia 820: First Impressions


For the past couple of months, at whatever topic Nokia's name came to mind, Lumia's and Windows phone 8 flagship phone 920 was always praised. ATT exclusive Lumia 920 is going to rock market with a solid $99 price tag. Nokia tried the same strategy with Lumia 900, last year. Though they failed to gain market share, but it wasn't because of Nokia is making poor hardware but Microsoft did not allowed current Windows 7.5 (aka Mango) devices to upgrade to Windows 8.

Nokia 920 is a high end phone--that can challenge iPhone 5 at every end--but Nokia also unveiled 820 a lower end version of the 920 model.

Lumia 820 has got 1 GB of RAM, 1.5 GHz snapdragon S4 processor, Low 800X480 resolution screen, and mere 8 GB of Internal memory. Nothing impressive, right? So why does it matter?

Because it can top low end Smartphone market. In the low end market small things matter like removable back panel, memory expansion slot, an impressive 8 MP camera, and some Nokia exclusive apps that don't suck. Also Wireless charging is a welcome addition.

Impressive at every end

The new Nokia Lumia 820 is one of those devices that can compel one to buy one, even at a $49 price tag. Big brother, i.e. Nokia Lumia 920 is a huge and bulky phone. 5 inches tall and 3 inches wide plus a weight of 185 Grams is too much for an average Smartphone user, and using it might be like doing some weight lifting.

Lumia 820 has a state-of-the-art design, just like Lumia 920. The rounded corners make it feel comfortable in your hands and it comes in vibrant colors.

Also, you can get a total of 72 GB of memory on this phone. How? Through memory expansion slot, we can add 64 GB of Micro SD card with 8 GB of Internal Storage. 72 GB is way higher than storage of any flagship model right now in the market.

If you are not very camera pro, then the 8 MP camera that has been packed within Lumia 820 is enough for your routine shots. There is no instagram officially available in WP store which is a sham. Though there are many applications that just copy’s the basic framework--but truth be told they are not up to the mark as an official Instagram App--which can be downloaded from Windows store.
Carl Zeiss lens in Lumia 820

The Bad

Screen resolution is quite low as compared to other devices. Nokia does include its Clear black technology for screen that make it lot less reflective than any other display (And Blacks are solid black; you can't even distinguish when your screen is ending--edges and screen looks an intergral part.)
But this screen is a letdown when watching high-def clips from Web.

Another bad thing about this phone comes from the network part. It is an AT&T exclusive device. That's like restricting potential buyers locked across other network. In 2012, this kind of strategy is not gonna work. Sorry Nokia.

Bottom line

For a $50 phone, you can’t actually complain about the lack of High-end features you get in the Nexus or iPhone or Galaxy S3. It is way better than any offerings right now by HTC at this price point.

Even if you want to get Nokia Lumia 920, give this phone a try, I am sure you can change your decision to get this phone.
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