NASA confirms Ice and Organic Matter On Mercury

Some evidence of presence of Organic matter on Mercury has been confirmed by NASA. MESSENGER spacecraft, which was orbiting the planet, confirms that the impact craters in the polar regions contain not only a whopping amount of frozen water (ICE), but also the black patches, which you can see above, contains Organic Material. These findings were published online in three papers for Science Express. To put this on a perspective, Curiosity Rover on Mars is yet to find Organic Substance on Mars. Though life isn't sustainable there as temperature gets as high as 800 degrees Fahrenheit but since of low axial tilt, Mercury's poles in extreme darkness allows ice to form.  
According to NASA, the ice appears to be from a recent or ongoing process, and could have been delivered by comets from the far reaches of the solar system. And, Organic substance could also have been delivered by the same way. This also depicts, if Ice and Organic matter delivered by Comet (external source), life exists on other planets, or there are some ET places which can sustain life. 

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