and Adsense and Adsense

In short: Doesn't work. Just got an e-mail from Google informing me that they banned my Adsense account. This means that they don't think that and similar traffic does work for them. Too bad, had made several thounsand Dollars. About 4000 bucks were displayed for the payment of April. This is now all gone and will be repaid.

Is started to use on my site around April 7th, so it took them over a month until now to ban my account. Looked so good. Sigh. On the other hand, other than with I was never getting anywhere with Adsense, so whatever.

Google doesnt like paid traffic going to adsense websites
they just dont

they want generic SEO traffic going there from google
then once you get that , they ban your account for different reasons,
Google loves to ban people, for adsense and adwords accts
makes them feel like bigshots

Adfly virtually worthless traffic to Adsense. You are begging to be banned
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