Crytek turns 100% free-to-play

We already knew that the German studio Crytek (Crysis, Far Cry) was heading slowly to the model free-to-play, in particular by developing Warface, Free SPF planned for this year on PC. But the president of Crytek, Cevat Yerli, now exposes his vision of the future of his studio in an interview with Videogamer. We learn that Crytek will dedicate 100% to free-to-play, when his contract with other publishers will be completed (these are related to Electronic Arts Crysis 3, Ryse for Microsoft and for THQ Homefront 2).

According to the President of Crytek:

"While we were developing for consoles, we knew, so clear, that the future is online and free-to-play. We are currently in a transition phase, with our studio, going good games sold in box experience entirely dedicated to free-to-play. This implies that every game we're working on, new projects, new platforms and new technologies should be designated around the free-to-play online and with a high quality development. "

 If Warface opens the march, the following games should also move away from the mass of these free games, by having large budgets (between 10 and $ 30 million), in order to offer products of high quality . A future platform social gaming named GFACE also host games produced by the studio. According to Crytek and its president, the move towards free-to-play is the future of gaming, which would have suffered too much DLC excessively and introduced premium services in classic video games. The question is whether these games "free" will not fire either too much on the rope by placing too much emphasis on paid content accessible within games, "in-game".
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