E3 2012: The Return of Wii Fit on Wii U

E3 2012: The Return of Wii Fit on Wii U

Wii Fit U will therefore continue to keep in shape in the middle of your living room. Nintendo has decided to perpetuate his franchise on its next-generation console, which will enable it to attract a wide audience always.

Nintendo's conference last night unveiled the game in a sequence of gameplay. First good news, the Wii Balance Board will still be exploited. Therefore not need new accessory, you can continue to enjoy your investment.

The gamepad will also be your new ally in the battle against the calories. Overall, the concept remains the same, Wii Fit U will take the same ideas and add some new exercises. You can export your old data on the new Wii Fit software, and the gamepad will offer new features. The mablette can also replace the balance if you do not have one. The Wii Fit U will also provide the Meter Fit, small device to carry around with you to measure the activity of your day. Upon returning home, simply connect the two so that the data be included in your program.

Another strong point. You can continue to perform your exercises in a corner of the room, with the gamepad, if you ever come to be driven from the main screen of the house. Very convenient.

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