E3 2012: Sony unveils Wonderbook

The E3 was an opportunity for Sony to reveal a new device intended primarily for children: the Wonderbook. Similar in appearance to a classic book, the Wonderbook actually relies on the principle of augmented reality to display 3D images on the screen of our console. With the Playstation Eye camera, the reader has access to a wealth of animated illustrations and information invisible to the naked eye. The Wonderbook presented at the conference yesterday was none other than the book (Book of Spells) Harry Potter designed in close collaboration with JK Rowling (author of the saga). According to her:

"The Wonderbook: Book of Spells is what comes closest to a true grimoire for a Muggle. I loved working with Sony to give life to my spells and history behind it. This is an extraordinary device that offers a unique reading experience. "

The idea does seem attractive. Remains to be seen if our little ones cling to the hybrid concept and especially if their parents can keep up financially since each volume will apparently be sold at around 40 dollars (32 euros).
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