E3 2012: The U Miiverse Wii unveiled

Contraction of "Mii" and "Universe", the Miiverse revealed recently by the Director of Nintendo Satoru Iwata will allow players to communicate with each other easily. Based on the model of the Wii or 3DS Plaza, the Miiverse itself as a virtual space accessible at all times on the big screen as well as on the GamePad. We can see not only all our Miis but also those of our friends and those few users in our region. We know who is connected, who plays what, and many options we will discuss all these people or even share personal content (screenshots, etc..).

 With the touch screen GamePad, we can not only send text messages but also drawings to our contacts. Satoru Iwata is also the first to rejoice because according to him "what you write or draw by hand is much more emotionally charged than what you just type". We can already imagine the drawings "emotionally charged" some pranksters and other trolls, more or less rampant. There will be sports on the GamePad! As everyone is not necessarily good at drawing, Nintendo will also available to us for our many expressions Mii, which will hit the smiley. Other information about the Miiverse and means of communication available to players are likely to be announced at the Nintendo conference tomorrow night to 18.
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