E3 2012: what to expect from Sony

E3 2012: what to expect from Sony

Admittedly: E3 2012 should not really be that of Sony. Indeed, the Japanese just starting to recover from financial difficulties he has experienced with the release of the PS3, when it began to emerge gradually in the markets. His exclusives be counted on the fingers of one hand and Sony, like Microsoft, does not reveal his cards probably majors this year. The group probably prefer to bet on online services (the redesign of the PlayStation Plus, rumors of the acquisition of OnLive or Gaikai) to ensure the sustainability of the console.


Again, no need to fool ourselves: there is very little chance of seeing the PS4 at E3 2012. Since the middle of 2011, rumors contradicting both the console output on when it will be formalized. Sony would not leave the field open to Microsoft, and it may be that the manufacturer will seek primarily to align with the ogre in Redmond to avoid falling behind, a situation that the PlayStation 3 had suffered extensively. However, there is too little evidence to suggest that the announcement of the PS4 is close, as indeed confirmed Sony CEO Kaz Hirai. The PS3 has emerged in Europe, just behind the Xbox 360 in the U.S., and its manufacturer keeps saying he wants to extend his life expectancy, especially with the addition of various online services. Unless big surprise, the PS4 should not point the tip of his nose by next year.


Kratos and God of War Ascension are undeniably strong case for the Sony E3 2012. The series launched at SCEA Santa Monica Studios has only good for the PS2 and PS3, and his aura will probably boost the console for quite some time. Despite the confidence in the license, Sony took a risk by choosing to return to the origins of the most bald nag video game. If we already promises a solo worthy of its predecessors, the great novelty is the appearance of a multiplayer team. A sort of Team Deathmatch in which each participant will choose the deity to whom he gave his allegiance, accessing different powers in return. The map on which the two clans will face full of pitfalls and the best player of the winning team will be able to kill the huge mythological creature chained on the map. We can give you our first impressions stick in hand during the show, since the game will be playable for the first time in Los Angeles.


This is another monster that Sony will unveil at E3 2012 alongside God of War Ascension. For the few who do not know yet, The Last of Us is the name of the next game of Naughty Dog studios, already causing a series Crash Bandicoot, Jak & Daxter but Uncharted. In this survival horror, it will play Joel, a bearded quadra be accompanied by a young teenager Ellie, and the two characters try to escape a mysterious pandemic ravaging the United States, and gradually transforming humans into zombies. Recalling largely the novel The Road by Cormac McCarthy, the title will also be our heroes struggling with plundering troops murderers, who try to survive by means few Catholics.


It's not a killer-app on PS3, but rather an app that will make players wait. Drawing heavily on the Super Smash Bros.. Nintendo, Sony has decided to convene its most iconic heroes in a multiplayer game mégabaston very similar or identical to the title of HAL Laboratory. Obviously, the cast is the element that everyone waiting for her. If Sony has already formalized the presence of Fat Princess, PaRappa, Sly Cooper, Mael Radec from Killzone, Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal, God of War Kratos, it is expected that Nathan Drake of Uncharted, Solid Snake and Cole inFamous McGrath are also present. Gameplay aside, we know that the sets will of course be based on different licenses from Sony, and three levels of special attack becomes available. Finally, the game is announced for later this year and has a good chance of also being planned on PS Vita.


All burn a candle for the survival of The Last Guardian, and who knows, for a possible appearance at E3 2012. Only six months after strong evidence of cancellation, it's a safe bet that the app is still far from being presentable. However, development continues, Fumito Ueda is always connected to the project on which members of SCEA Santa Monica Studios have been grafted. There is at least entitled to expect a sign of life ...

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