Facebook: a photo published incentive to burglary

Facebook: a photo published incentive to burglary

It's not as if the tips, warnings and experiences presented in the media were not many about what is "publishable" or not on Facebook. It does not tell everything about the network under penalty of visiting the courts, to see her reputation dragged through the mud, losing a job opportunity, etc. ... Anecdotes abound about it but they do not relate clearly not everyone. Yet this does not happen to others ...

A 17 year old girl had the wise idea to take pictures of the economies of his grandmother and post it on Facebook. Therefore released a treasure, and which was submitted to the lust of two burglars.

The latter went to the home of the teenager and his parents were surprised, a knife in his hand. The lady did not say happily that this money was visiting her grandmother, and not at his parents' home. Property for the old lady, bad for parents who have found themselves threatened and stolen some personal property.

Sad experience for them that have finally asked anyone for anything and, moreover, no longer saw their daughter for some time.

So it is best not to expose his personal property on Facebook, so as not to attract the envy, or even communicate on vacation. Sometimes, Facebook users seem to send invitations to burglars so the information is left clear for them ...
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