Wii U : Peter Molyneux (Fable) is undecided

Wii U : Peter Molyneux (Fable) is undecided

While some developers have already expressed support for the Wii and its U Gamepad, just like Gearbox (Borderlands), others remain for now a bit more cautious. This is the case of Peter Molyneux, creator of Fable or Black & White, which still poses some questions about this famous tablet, essential accessory for the Wii U. This is certainly what we reported the German edition of Game Industry, through an interview.

"I'm not really decided yet about the Wii U. I watched people play, and they sometimes seem disturbed, not knowing which screen look when they play with the tablet.

I also feel that using the two screens seems a bit demanding, since some games require to change the point of view, alternating between the two screens from time to time. "

Nintendo will have to continue to do some teaching to try to impose this innovative concept to the players as to some developers.
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