All That Happened On Apple's Event

Apple unveiled heck lots of items on their special event. All that was shown off is here

Macbook Pro 13" Retina Display -
Smaller brother of 15" R-Macbook Pro is here. Apple reportedly did not unveil it with 15" model at WWDC due to some heating problems. Though, it is here right now, so they have found some way to minimize it , I suppose.  Price - $1699 

Mac Mini - 
Phil said "Next, Mac mini. You knew there'd be something called mini in this presentation, didn't you?" Yup, he saw all those iPad mini leaks. 

It now have 16 GB of RAM, bluetooth 4.0, Intel HD graphics 4000 and Core i5 and i7 'Ivy bridged CPU' 
Price - $599

3. iMac- 
It is so thin that I actually initially thought it was a prototype. But when Phil showed the working one, my mind was blown. Just at 5mm thick this iMac is 80% thinner than the previous model. THATS HUGE!
Also along with the thin display they bragged about "Fusion drive". The fusion drive is a new kinda drive that combines the speed of SSD and also you can get the storage space like HDD. Now, not going into deep analysis, it has 75% less reflection and has great 178 degree of viewing angle. Also, CD drive was quietly dropped but hardly any tear was shed. 
Price - $1299

iPad (4th Generation 10") -
 When you say it's just 6 months while the new iPad (3 gen, I really hate the new naming system) was released a newer version is here. Sure the last one had problems with it including some heating problems, but it seems Apple has fixed up all. It is not a solid upgrade from Apple rather it is just a new version of iPad 3 which fixes all the annoyances and comes with a newer processor (A6X).

Finally, iPad Mini (1 Gen 7.85") - 
Not so much about it. Apple said, it is bigger than most 7" tabs, of course it will be because it is officially a 8" screen (Rounding up to nearest integer, iPad is of course 8" and not 7". Poor math Apple). They showed off some Apps on both iPad Mini and Nexus 7 and as expected iPad's Apps were more tablet-centered which made iPad mini 7" Teblet killer on arrival. And one thing Apple yesterday did not brag was about how iPad mini can reject some touches that were not intended. Like iPad mini is held in one hand and when you thumb touches the screen it will reject those touches. Also, they said to achieve this they have to make iPad mini run a custom version of iOS. 
While comparing it to the Google's flagship model, Nexus has a greater resolution and a better processor (iPad Mini has old A5). iPad is also priced significantly higher. Price of Nexus 7- $199 Price of iPad Mini - $329. 

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