How To Make Fake Screenshots

Have you ever seen any weird conversation between two random people and thought if it was real? Sure, that was faked with the help of one of these services listed below. The real interesting part is that every single App creates Screenshot that is comparable to the real one. So people don't really know, if these kind of Web Apps exists but now you know, they do. Here are some services

Wall Machine: Through this you can make fake screenshots of Facebook wall, comments and just about any activity. You'll need to connect this service with facebook, which is easy, and you are good to go. You'll be then presented with some screenshots which can be customized as wanted. Also you can change photos of the commenters and you can add as many comments as you want with different names. 

Ticket-o-Matic: This service generates fake tickets. You can choose the Airlines and with 3 easy steps you can create ticket in just 2 Minutes. You can later download it and send it to your friends for fun.

iFakeText: All those texts that actually (sometimes) make you laugh comes from here. You can choose the carrier and just jot down the conversation in the white box and you are done.  

iFakeSiri: Just like you can fake texts, you can fake conversations with Siri too! You need to first select between 3 different carriers, which is easy though, and then you need to type out the conversation. And when you are done hit create conversation. Here's one I created (Troll-proof please) [] 

Fake Tweet Builder: This one comes with no exception though. Like every other service this one also allows you to add fine details in your tweet like retweets, background, mentions etc. 

Fodey: This one is exceptional. Just type in the Newspaper daily name, heading and content. This service makes all the text appear on the newspaper daily. The picture looks exact copy of a newspaper and sure, this can be used to fool your friends, pretty easily. 

Expense-a-steak: Want to create fake bills of some amount, sure this service does it for you. Just type in the amount and it will create a PDF document of it which can later be printed. It looks like a real bill after you have printed it on paper but the old date on it cannot let you misuse it .  

Fake Name Generator: If you want a temporary name on Internet, here's a service for you. Almost every big country name has been included and it works fine almost every time. Additionally it includes Street name, Credit Card number and almost any detail through which you can create an ID on facebook. 

So next time if you see anything that looks too good to be real, you know where it has come from. 

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