The iCade 8-Bitty

The iCade 8-bittyproduced for Thinkgeek by iCade maker Ion, takes every bit of the iCade'sfunctionality, and shrinks it down into an affordable, portable, and iPhone-friendly control pad. Nobody on Earth actually needs a gamepad for their iOS device, but this is as close to practical as one is going to get.

One of the reasons these things aren't more useful is software support. Few iOS games support external controllers and, being one of the first, the iCade is the best supported among them. In terms of software compatibility, the 8-bitty is identical to the iCade.

The $30 8-Bitty is recommended, but not unreservedly. It's a great controller for iOS (and Android, though I did not try it on an Android device) but the haphazard arrangement of buttons, and the lack of wider compatibility, keep it from being ideal. Coincidentally, those are both problems that would be fixed by wider adoption of the device. The more controllers in homes, the more likely one is to emerge as the de facto standard, and the more likely developers are to spend their time and resources adding support for it.

Writen by JC Fletcher
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