How To Save Websites To View Them Offline

When your Internet is down, you are out luck because you can't visit any Website if you're bored or otherwise. And if you think stealing someone's WiFi is too immoral, you can use these smart tools saving websites for viewing them later. And since most of these services like Pocket are Cloud based you can view your saved content from any device you use. 


It is the simplest part. Click on File and Save As and save it as a HTML file and your page will be saved on desktop with .htm or .html file format. Plus you'll also see a folder saved alongside the HTML file which contains all the images and other stuff you see on Website. Do not delete it, as it is internally linked with the HTML file. Though you just need to double click on HTML file to see the webpage. 


Android has a real good App for this. It is called Offline Browser that saves all your pages, that you want to view offline. It works really well when you need to save all the links too, inside the page. If you want to save not only the first page, but also linked pages, simply set "Max Depth level for links" > 0 and then set the max links you want to download and you are good to go. 


iOS 6 users are pretty lucky that Apple itself ships this feature. Safari can cache full websites for offline reading and not just links. But if you are not upgrading to iOS 6 because of Maps or any other reason, no problem Offline Pages Pro can do whatever its rival can. 

Cross Platform

If you have more than one device than it is really handy when offline pages sync themselves. You can do it with Pocket or Instapaper or Readability. These application have their respective apps in Apple store and Play store so you can them download for more fluid experience. 

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