Why The iPad Mini Is Worth The Buy This Holiday Season

With the iPad mini making a big debut and appealing to a different crowd
of tablet users it has received both praises and criticism. The criticism
lacks on the argument of price point being too high due to the fact that
there is not taking into account the iPad mini comparing to the

The iPad mini is meant to deliver the full iPad experience, and make the
competition crap their britches.  In the 7" tablet market the iPad mini
has 35% more screen space than any of the 7" tablets, and 2 HD cameras to
boast so you can FaceTime/Skype and take photos or video with your iPad

With communications it's also the fastest on the market with dual bank
wifi, and LTE/4G capabilities in selected models.  Not to mention that 90%
of web traffic from tablets is on an iPad.  So it would only make sense
for Apple to make a cheaper smaller version.  You can kind of relate the
iPad situation to the iPhone/iPod Touch situation, but the only difference
is that the screen size is the same along with cellular only/wifi only

They have even included some new techniques in the production giving a
diamond cut precision shell to create another flawless looking Apple
product.  The iPad mini will have higher costs than competitors, but Apple
won't be able to gross as much as they usually do from selling hardware

The reason behind this is due to that Apple doesn't make any money off
advertising like Amazon or Google, so they have to rely on making profit
off the hardware and digital iOS environment.  Apple looks to be aiming at
bringing the prices lower to make them more appealing to more customers,
and they have been getting close in recent years.

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