How To Install Google Web Fonts On Your PC

Google has lots of free open source fonts, hosted on their website. These free fonts can be downloaded and installed on your Computer at no cost. Since they are Open-Sourced, you may use it in your Website. These fonts are optimized for web, so they look gorgeous on every web browser.

How to download 

First of all you need to visit Google's Web font webpage. From there you can choose from thousands of fonts. All those fonts which you would like to download has to be added into your collection. 
Here is a screenshot: 

You'll see a screen similar to that in the screenshot above. Choose font and hit "Add To Collection". Now everything is straight forward. 

You'll see a button on the top which reads "Download your collection". And your collection will be downloaded. Extract the file and it will contain all the fonts in TTF format. You can either right click and install it or you can manually copy/paste it to Windows>Fonts. 

You can test the downloaded fonts in any Word editor. But, one thing you must be cautious with, If you have created any presentation with the font you downloaded and send it to anyone who hasn't downloaded the specified font the presentation will not look the same as you expect it to look like. 
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