First Impressions Of iPad Mini

Did Apple nail the new iPad? Not so much. iPad Mini will ship with a year around old processor. The screen resolution is same as iPad 2. Yet it is not dead on arrival like our Surface RT tablet cum laptop (or tabtop or laplet, whatever you call it). 

4G LTE check. iPad's-standard-10-hour-like-battery check. 
HD front facing camera for HD facetime check. iOS 6 check. 

And another aspect what Apple bragged yesterday was Apps. Tablet optimized apps. Yes, there are heck lots of iPad centered apps in the app store and yes they run magic on the iPad mini. Hint, the resolution of new iPad mini is same as the old iPad 2. They showed iPad's "great apps" by taking a look at both Google's flagship tablet, the Nexus 7 and iPad Mini side by side. Sure at the presentation, they chose some specific apps that looked great on iPad and obnoxious on Android to make it shame but first things first Google never made Tablet specific apps on Android. So this is all I expected. Android to piss off in front of iPad mini. 
As iPod is to iPhone in the same 
way iPad mini is to iPad
Aside of Apps another part where Apple compared their new born to Nexus 7 is at Website renderings. Nexus 7 had a greater resolution. I originally thought, if Apple was comparing how good the website looks and assuming, of course iPad mini beats Nexus 7, Apple is going to unveil another new Tech that helps making low resolution retina like. But they didn't. They were comparing the screen size. Oh yes! iPad Mini has a bigger display than Nexus 7, so in Apples opinion iPad Mini wins this round.

This looked so impractical yesterday. I had mixed feelings about Apple. They were comparing screen size? Oh really that means if iPad vs Surface was done, Surface wins the round? But iPad's Retina Display is enough for Surface like big tablets to feel shameful with such less res display of being on earth. And this certainly is the case with iPad Mini VS Nexus 7. Nexus 7 has an higher res display which of course make it look better than iPad Mini, assuming saturation etc of screens are same. 

But this fact is true that customers love big screens. This is why almost every US household own an iPad. So if a non tech savvy fellow goes on market he/she would definitely take 7.9" than 7" because "It's big". Plus Apple's logo is enough for some people to buy products. Brand Loyalty you know. 

What if Apple shipped this device for $199 or $249. That would have been a game over for all the other Android 7 inch tabs. But it is Apple after all, iPad Mini ships at a whopping $329 for the base model. Thats $130 more than Nexus7! But this fact is undeniable that Google makes almost negligible for every Nexus 7 they ship. Amazon recently also made this to our knowledge that it is making a very little on hardware from it's new Kindle lineup. But Apple is known for making huge profits on Hardware. 
Samsung is an exception though,

 who sells around a few hundred to
 some thousands Galaxy Tabs per quarter.

So, if you are in the market for a new Tablet and have a budget for around $329, take this iPad Mini home. And if you have an iPad already this is not recommended to buy now because it is basically a year old hardware. 

Otherwise best buy on Android will be Nexus 7. It is shipping right now for $199 and $249 for 8 GB and 16 GB respectively. 
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