Should You Buy The iPad 4

Tim Cook took the stage on October 23 and did the impossible. Not certainly Tim Cook did, Phil was the one who unveiled the 4th iteration of iPad. No one saw it coming. Every single rumor was pointing on a smaller, densely packed iPad Mini. And sure it was revealed, but the actual shocker was the new generation iPad. 

It is like iPad 3.1 or iPad 3GS and not iPad 4

It's just 6 months, or 7 to be precise, when iPad 3 with Retina Display was announced. It was quite a wonderful upgrade. It was just like coming from iPhone 3GS to iPhone 4 .The screen was almost perfect and iPhone 3GS looked heavily pixelated. 

Also, one thing that hurts is iPad 4 had no new video. Apple announces a new product and also with it a killer video featuring Jony Ive, who brags about how he designed it. But iPad 4 had no Video. 

With iPhone 5 Apple announced their next generation of cables called Lighting. For Apple it was mandatory to refresh all the current generation devices with the new Lighting Connector. And could be the very reason why iPad was refreshed early. 

Furthermore, iPad 3 had various problems. The famous one were heating and charging problems. With iPad 4 could be they have managed the heating problems. As far as concerning Charging problems, Apple says their 12W new Charger will help iPad charge a lot fast. Also, they said it will be compatible with iPad 3, 2, iPhone 5 and 4S. 

Surface and Nexus 10 Could be the reason

Surface is a solid-build device packed with not-so-solid Windows RT. Since it was hitting the Market just two days after the Apple's event in SF, Apple feared of losing market share. And hence they were open in giving free advises to Microsoft kids about how Surface was compromised, and like-things. 

But the real contender is coming from their not-so-friendly Google. Nexus 10 is a solid spec-ed Tablet with a whopping 10" display whose resolution is supposedly higher than iPad 3. Although this is yet to be announced.  

Since for competing with the new contenders iPad had to be fast. And this was why A6X chip was introduced. Also another reason could be, Apple with iPhone 5 shifted to a custom designed chip, which they call A6, which is Dual core but still beats Galaxy S3 which has a Quad Core CPU. In our testing iPhone 5 was the fastest Smartphone, and Apple saw no reason why not to introduce their Custom designed chips in new iPad. So maybe with A6X Apple will kill all the near proximity devices. 

Since it is not a solid upgrade from Apple, which we expected, but never mind this is not the iPad 4 we know. This is just a patch-like device by Apple which will fix every single annoyance that you had with iPad 3. Even if it fixes the annoyances this comes pretty hard at $499. If you recently bought an iPad 3 go into Apple store and swap your iPad 3 with iPad 3S. 

Should you buy: No/Yes  It doesn't make sense to buy a patch for full price. But if you got iPad 3 last month or after, please swap your iPad 3 with iPad 3S for free. Yes, if you are new into iPad's and want a no compromise device. 
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