Facebook's Next annoyance: Notifications that makes sound

Facebook always finds new features which are feature cum annoyance to rest of the users. Facebook is reportedly working on new Notifications that can make sound as any inbuilt app does on your computer. 

The Venturebeat's reporter was from one of those unlucky users who were chosen by Facebook to test the new roll out. The writer posted a video and noted he "hates" it already. I am sure there will be a ton of people who will not be pleased with a gibberish noise every time a new notification pops up. 

Mashable had a little talk with a Facebook representative lately.
“We are currently testing a sound with notifications,” a Facebook spokesperson told Mashable. “It’s only testing with a small percentage of people and it can be controlled from the Account Settings page.”
We have already heard a lot about this new feature lately and people are pointing that they "Already hate this new feature". We'll keep an eye on Facebook's new service and will keep you updated if they really roll it to worldwide users.  
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