Gamers can relax because Windows 8 is just fine for hardcore Gaming

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Microsoft "wowed" the world with the next generation of Windows. But it wasn't a great news for gamers though. Somebody says it isn't as capable as Windows 7, some point it as the start of Microsoft to start locking their Windows operating system, just like Apple infamously do. Though the bottom line of the paragraph, Gamers are staying away from Windows 8. 

Kotaku's Luke Plunkett did a great deal of researching and found the result clashing. It finds Windows 8 a piece of software (OS) which will be loved equally by both Users (Casual gamers, High web surfers and other stuff) and Gamers (hardcore ones).

From installing Windows 8 to the performance, he points out every single detail that could make or break the deal.

Installing: It is a breeze. Moving from Windows 7 to 8 is extremely simple and you can keep all your files while you make the shift. 

Start Screen: He says "Everything you heard about new Start Screen is true, it sucks, it sucks pretty bad." We found the same thing in our testing. He also points out that "The new start screen may look gorgeous on Tablets, but on a desktop" -- True in my opinion. Pointer of the mouse looks like a tiny dot and when you got to scroll all the way to the end to find an app you'll feel, such large tiles makes no sense for desktop computing. They are imposed by Microsoft -- because they wanted to, such a poor excuse.

Gaming:  Luke had his hands on upon some games and found that games in Windows 8 works in the exact same manner like in Windows 7. " I tried all sorts of games, from indie platformers to AAA blockbusters, across Steam, Origin and standalone executables, and didn't run into a single game that had any issues, let alone that wouldn't run." In my opinion if you survived Windows Vista-- A big failure by Microsoft -- you can can survive Windows 8 too. 

Performance: Windows 8 is faster, even faster than Windows 7 on the same year or two old hardware. But here we aren't talking about benchmark numbers, we are talking about raw performance. Lifehacker has a very neat test for comparing the speed of Windows 8. Luke notes into his post "...slight improvements [while] playing 3D games, [but] you won't really notice it."

TL;DR: If you loved how new Windows 8 looks and feel, and you did not upgrade from your existing Windows installation to Windows 8 because of the Games or like, you may comfortably jump into the ship of Windows 8 without thinking about compatibility of your existing games. And yeah gaming through Steam is as fluid and responsive like it was in Windows 7.

You can read the full article by Luke on Kotaku.
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