Importance of Social Media Measurement

Social media measurement helps in ensuring the visibility of the product or person’s name from public opinion. It is the tracking of content on the web. It includes the content from blogs, news sites, forums and message boards to know the effectiveness of conversation on a particular topic. This work will be monitored by market researchers, community staff and the sales team. It gives the view of the customers and clients on the running topic, brands or products. Measuring social media not only deals with traffic but also include conversations, searches and influencers. Through social media you can raise your business income, but you need to be aware of the areas concerning its improvement which can be done by monitoring the social network.

Know your benchmarks
Ø  Make a count of fans on Facebook and Twitter by going through their opinions and feedbacks related to the product or any topic.
Ø  Consider ratings from SEO rankings and customer scores which helps in monitoring your business activity
Ø  Know how much you are paying to attract the customers through advertisements.


Traffic: This is the popular way of measuring the social network status. Traffic to the website can be increased by providing quality content, backlinks and keywords. Always remember it’s the quality that drives the traffic not the quantity.
Conversation: Communication is the key in promoting the business. You need to provide bidirectional interaction to build the trust in people. You need to solve the queries of the customers through comments or through forums. This increases the consumer ratings to the website.
Sales: Think about how to increase your sales. You can go for paid searches or can publish your website on the popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Promote your videos on YouTube by which you can earn a profit. If you run short of money for your advertisements take
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Leads: Internet is the best place to raise your leads. Focus on the sites that get high customer ratings like LinkedIn, Facebook etc. Create quality content by which you can share it on other sites through the links. You should regularly be in touch with landing pages that result in instant conversations. If a visitor becomes your lead try to maintain this relationship through emails.

Analyze search market: The SEO factor should never be underestimated. It performs both on page and off page optimization. On page refers to the url’s, tags, titles, keywords, accessibility, content etc. While off page depends on the directories, writing articles, press releases and social media influence.
Visibility: Along with designing the website you need to concentrate on its visibility. A site that cannot be found on the search engine is of no use to the customers. You need to optimize it with the SEO tool. Google will rate your site only if it contains good quality information.

Don’t opt for a single metric: To measure the social media you must not depend on a single factor. Think of all the different factors that can increase your ratings. If you want to get the best outcomes you must turn your site into a social hub.

About the Author: This guest post is written by Emily Roberts who is a passionate blogger from Manchester. Apart from blogging, she does research on cash loans UK. Reach her @financeport
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