Microsoft Surface PRO Pricing Information

Not a overwhelming price leak. Surface Pro will cost a whopping $1033 (64 GB) for the base model and $1161 for 128 GB model. Though these leaks are not new in Tech industry but still, first of its kind -- it's a Microsoft leak of course. Surface Pro can be used as a full fletched laptop, but I still believe touch/type pad is a letdown. It do not increase speed but does the opposite.  
A German online shopping site has now listed both Surface Pro models including pricing information on its website. While not officially confirmed, it provides us with a first price range for both devices. According to the site, the Microsoft Surface Pro with 64 Gigabyte of storage will be available for €809 ($1033 or £646) while the larger 128 Gigabyte version for €909 ($1,161 or £726). In comparison, the Surface RT with 64 Gigabyte and touch-cover is available for €699 in the shop. 
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