Siri Vs Google Voice Search: Which is better on iPhone

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A year or so earlier, when Apple released iPhone 4S, it was branded with a feature named Siri, a voice command service, which was not widely popular but 3rd party apps still existed in the App and Play store. Siri was marked beta at the time of release, though it has learned some new tricks yet it is still in Beta testing. Google had not choice but to build same app that can compete with Siri. Google now (Google Voice in iOS) in Jelly bean (Android 4.1/4.2) is same like Siri yet faster in finding answers to your questions. 

Google Voice is based on Google's new feature for search called the "knowledge graph". What it does is, whatever you type in the search box, your query goes through some Algorithms and you are presented with an answer and search results. For example if you type "How old is Obama", it will display his age and a small wiki on the right side of the search page. 

Not getting deep into it, this is what is Google Voice powered by. Since Google is a data monster, it has almost every question's answer, and if sometimes not, it displays the search results in the same old-way manner. 

What about Siri? Siri is powered by Wolfram Alpha, and if you asked something related to some local business or like, Siri will ask Yelp for the answer. And if it cannot find any relevant information against the question asked, Siri will ask you for searching it on the Web (and of course Google). 

So a quick thing to note here is Google voice, if cannot find an answer with knowledge graph displays search results automatically and this all happens in a single step. And if Siri cannot find an answer, it asks you to search it on the Web, which makes two steps to reach on the same page. In terms of speed, Google Now cannot be beaten right now. It converts voice to text in seconds. But it has its shortcoming too. 

Siri has an ability to open an application, reply to text messages and add reminders and more. Google Now just feels miserable. Siri crushes Google Now in terms of functionality. 

So in the end, if you are okay with the slow response time of Siri but like the functionality it gives, you may use Siri. But if you are Web-Pro and do not care if your voice command can or cannot reply to a text or set reminders you may use Google Voice. Though for people who are using Siri, give a try to Google Voice since its free on app store. Rest is your opinion, if you want Functionality versus Response Time.
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