To Be Popular Stop Blogging About Topics That Are Already Popular

We like to answer our readers questions, and some make it through our post. So here is one question asked by our Reader Mathew, Can you suggest me some tips to get my blog famous?

A common belief is  "Competition helps a business grow more prolifically . No. We are not discussing some ethics or moral values here. It is a problem every blogger is facing. Every blogger is targeting same keywords and same topics on their blog. Some try to focus on one topic and others are covering vast topics.

Blogging community is copying from one another. Not in terms of actual post but in terms of topics. Like their were a few Unofficial Apple news dedicated blogs. They were so hot that everyone copied them and now Internet is flooded with such blogs. Since now Apple related blogs are increasing, all the blogs have to share the same traffic among themselves. 

So some blogs which are new can't gain traffic effortlessly. They have to put a great effort in blogging and for keeping up their sites. Since traffic is decreasing per blog, income from advertising is too decreasing. You know why a website like is in top 100 blogs? Cause they started with a topic that was popular though but was not written widely.

Therefore, you should pick a topic which isn't popular right now. If you are thinking to choose Android, smartphones, Gadgets etc. you are done because there exists tons of blogs which concentrate on these topics in the blogosphere. So choose a topic genuinely and target some specific keywords which are not very popular. Plus you should be original with the content.

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