Turn Email Into Tasks With Any.Do

Any.do is from one of those Apps that can help you to increase your productivity and help you fight against procrastination. Now that they have updated their Chrome's extension, you can convert any email into a To do task. 

These tasks automatically syncs with Any.DO's iOS, Android apps and to Chrome Extension. If you are using chrome, you'll see a new "Remind me" button in Gmail if you open any new or existing email. Just add a title and set the remind time. It will then remind you in time you specified. 

If you are not using Chrome or Gmail, no problem. You can create a email task by sending an email to do@any.do

Download any.DO for chrome from here [Link]
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3 comment for "Turn Email Into Tasks With Any.Do"

  1. I have tried to e-mail do@any.do to create a task and it never works.

    1. I agree with Mishka....you people who wrote this...have you tried to do it yourselves??? This is the problem with all these online blogs...check your facts before you rush to write...