Which is the Best Phone Camera: iPhone 5 VS Nokia Lumia 920

Apple with iPhone 4S proved you can replace your point and shoot camera with a Smartphone's mere 8Mp camera . The iPhone 4S's 8MP camera was stunning and Apple kept the count of megapixels the same and improved its optics, so that was iPhone 5's camera. 4S had a standard in the market, while comparing any Smartphones image quality, iPhone's quality was looked side by side. Later but sure, Nokia came up with a technology called Pureview. It was great though and the first phone to feature it was Nokia Pureview 808 with a jaw dropping 41 Mega Pixel camera. But still failed in the market because of Operating system. It ran on Nokia's own Symbian belle operating system, no surprises here, bit bad operating system. Now Nokia is entering the market again with a Pureview device which feature Windows Phone 8 by Microsoft. Can Lumia's 920 8.7 MP beat iPhone 5's 8 MP camera?

iPhone 5 

  • Image Quality is quite consistent. 
  • Good low-light performance. 
  • It reproduces color well. 
  • Macro shots look clearer than ever. 
  • Color is too rich
  • In low light, yellow turns orangish and like colors. 
  • In the dark, photos looks grainy.
  • The videos look a lot like iPhone 4S's one.

Lumia 920 

  • Awesome low light performance.
  • Reproduce color well.
  • Optical image stabilization works well. 

  • Not consistent. 
  • In Direct sunlight, there's a lot of glare.
  • Poor contrast.

In my opinion, if you are looking to buy a phone that just works, that is consistent with every shot, that is from Macro mode to Low light mode, iPhone 5 is a better deal. Lumia is for those who want some extra precision in their shots. Both are very capable image producing machines and give a head to head competition, so the final decision is up to you, which OS works for you better. 

Images are reblogged via CNET. Also read the full showdown of these Smartphones camera here [CNET]
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