Google accuses Microsoft and Nokia to feed the patent trolls

Google accuses Microsoft and Nokia to feed the patent trolls

Intellectual property is a very sensitive issue among manufacturers and publishers of mobile platforms and quarters have shown that patents could very well serve as an economic weapon to stop a competitor or earning income from a flat-form opposite.

Microsoft became a champion hunting Android device manufacturers, asking them to license fees under threat of retaliation and allowing it to generate income from the strong growth of the OS competitor.

And if certain maneuvers go, others not. Google and would complain to the European Commission against Microsoft and Nokia, accusing them of conspiring to limit competition through the back door.

The Mountain View group specifically criticized the transfer of a thousand patents to the firm Mosaid patents, patent troll qualified and who does not hesitate to sue the companies to get their license fees under duress.

Mosaid can play the big dogs on behalf of both companies, Google believes that "Nokia and Microsoft agree to increase the cost of devices for consumers, creating patent trolls that bypass the promise (not to use patents offensively ed) made ​​by both companies. "

The complaint with the European Commission is not trivial since it said it would be very attentive to this aspect and it would punish companies that use their patents in this way. If Nokia has not commented on the initiative of Google, Microsoft support.

The group Redmond evokes a "desperate tactic" of his competitor and even less credible that "control over 95% of mobile search and advertising." It also attacks on the ambiguous position of Google Patents FRAND (Fair, Reasonable and Non Discriminatory): "Google is complaining about patents when he refuses to meet the growing concerns of regulators, elected officials and judges in relation to its position with respect to patents essential to standards" .

The green light given to the European acquisition of Motorola Mobility by Google was accompanied by warnings against the use of patents in FRAND complaints against other manufacturers, including Apple. If the latter, as well as Microsoft, had given assurances that the patents involved in mobile standards do not become the issue of legal wrangling, Google has refused to take a clear position in this regard. Motorola Mobility is also the subject of a European survey on this point.

Florian Mueller, the blog FOSS Patents, the prosecution noted that Google had already been brought before the U.S. ITC (International Trade Commission) but had been deemed non-responsive and had not resulted in the initiation a procedure.
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