Skype is a billion users

Skype is a billion users

VoIP service Skype is currently 250 million users per month. The CEO of Skype is confident of quadrupling the figure to reach a whopping one billion users. The acquisition by Microsoft in $ 8.5 billion turned up at the head of Tony Bates?

Before falling into the lap of Microsoft, Skype claimed 170 million users a month. Following completion of this acquisition in October 2011, are 80 million users that have been earned.

Nevertheless, Microsoft has not launched major offensives in the promotion and integration of Skype, if not a Windows Phone application. While Microsoft wants to facilitate preinstall Skype on PC windows 7, Tony Bates confirmed integration into Windows 8. It has been more elusive cons about the Xbox 360 and use with Kinect.

As part of the conference D10, Tony Bates said that the purchase of Microsoft does not change the fact that the Skype service will always be opportunities to be available on non-Microsoft products like Android and IOS.

No limitation in Windows Phone so. Tony Bates, the "top priority" is the mobility and remains a presence on mobile platforms. Another growth factor is the partnership with Facebook. On the social network to 900 million members, the feature allows Skype video calls after installing a browser plugin.

Finally, Tony Bates is perhaps not so crazy as that.

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