iPad: Apple sanctioned for misleading advertising in Australia

iPad: Apple sanctioned for misleading advertising in Australia

The ACCC, the competition authority in Australia, was among the first to demand accountability from Apple to use the term "4G WiFi +" applied to the cellular release of his new iPad. The product is not compatible with the frequencies of 4G LTE deployed in the country, it was considered there was a likelihood of confusion, despite the small print stating that the compatibility 4G worth for U.S. operators' networks.

The authority had filed a complaint and asked several compensatory measures. Apple had initially acceded to certain demands while refusing to change the name. Under pressure from other regulators, the group of Cupertino has finally removed the reference to 4G and replace it with a "cellular" more generic in all countries where the new iPad is marketed.

 Within the scope of a complaint for false advertising, Apple has finally negotiated an amicable agreement that will still cost him $ 2.25 million Australians (1.77 million), as well as court costs, for to avoid a trial.

The American company had made ​​a start by offering to reimburse customers in Australia aggrieved but it was not enough for the ACCC that the new iPad still presented as 4G in its advertising.

She has also tried to present the compatibility DC-HSPA, which can reach speeds of 42 Mbps as the quasi-4G and 4G have legitimized the name, but the ground of this argument is quite moving and could turn against it.
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