Oracle unveils a major offensive in the cloud

Oracle wanted the group hit hard by presenting its cloud offering and its CEO, Larry Ellison, has not done as usual in the half-measure, citing the offer "the most comprehensive Cloud of Planet Earth" .

It refers to the richness of its solutions when "most cloud providers are only geared towards niche markets." Instead, Oracle wants to offer a raking broad and based on open standards and capable of evolution .

It is based on an infrastructure provided by the Oracle Exadata and Exalogic, consists of multiple services and allows customers of all administration, whether the configuration, management or extension to accommodate immediate company.

 The editor offers a base of pure cloud services, among database, Java services, services for developers to build applications specific cloud or Web, a collaborative platform associated with publishing services and website tools analytical.

Beyond this "heart", the company provides Cloud Application Services that target the major business activities: ERP, human resources, sales / marketing, CRM and ... which are all components that will directly administer the companies.

Finally, Oracle does not forget to add to its public cloud offering a "social" dimension of information exchange within and outside the company, to deploy initiatives and social marketing various services towards the customers a business or to provide collaboration tools for internal productivity.

It includes the Oracle Social Network, the Oracle Social Data Service aggregation of data, the Oracle Social Marketing and Creative Services Engagement marketing campaigns involving social networks and measuring their effectiveness or the Oracle Social Services Intelligence Analysis and interaction with social networks
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