Nokia: this fragile intellectual property Android

Nokia: this fragile intellectual property Android

The manufacturer Nokia has responded to the complaint filed with Google from the European Commission accusing him of understanding with Microsoft and intellectual property transfer to farms of patents (or patent trolls) who will pursue policies aggressive management license fees for the two groups keep their hands clean in appearance.

Although it has not yet formally received the complaint, he rejects the charge of understanding, saying the two companies each have their patent portfolios that they manage independently. The manufacturer drove home the point by saying that some Android devices showed serious problems of violation of intellectual property of others.

The Finnish manufacturer itself has already attacked several times in Android device manufacturers asking them license fees. Reuters reports that the management of intellectual property of Nokia reported 500 million euros a year and a management more "offensive" would garner much more.

Nokia often puts forward its efforts in R & D in the billions of euros and then waits for the manufacturer whose benefits through royalties on its technology.

Microsoft has for several quarters hunts Android device manufacturers to negotiate licensing agreements providing access to its portfolio, suggesting that the mobile platform from Google uses some of its technologies.

Many assemblers and manufacturers have already surrendered, preferring to avoid the risk of a trial, although some heavyweights, such as Huawei and Motorola, are resisting. The acquisition of Motorola Mobility and its patent portfolio to give more weight to Google to defend its mobile OS by supporting manufacturers attacked.
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