RIM can continue using the acronym BBM

RIM can continue using the acronym BBM

After being forced to change the name of its next mobile platform of BBX for BlackBerry 10 because of a complaint filed by Basis International, which operated a range of products with the same name, the Canadian manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) had also been confronted with an attack on the acronym BBM, BlackBerry Messenger, the instant messaging client.

The complaint came from the company BBM Canada specializing in the measurement of hearings on radio and television, and tried his luck by asking RIM to cease using the term BBM ... or to change itself name for financial compensation from RIM.

Given the importance of BBM in the manufacturer's strategy, it would have been detrimental to have to rename the instant messaging service, especially since he is now involved in other services as BBM Music.

RIM did not intend to sell at the request of BBM Canada. The company has naturally played on the absence of confusion because both companies are present on separate sectors.

The argument has been heard since the decision of the Canadian federal court actually notes that both companies are present in distinct areas of activity and the use of the name by BBM RIM will not disrupt the activities of BBM Canada .

In a particularly tense for the manufacturer, that a favorable decision that eliminates the need to urgently find a new name and to disseminate it to its users, with all the difficulties that entails. RIM does have other fish to fry at the moment, starting with the launch of BlackBerry and 10 of its next-generation smartphones.
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