Facebook is virtually the third country in the world

Facebook is virtually the third country in the worldHere are some figures to assess the weight in the world of Facebook, which announced Thursday, 4 October 2012 have over a billion active users around the world:

- If Facebook were a country, it would be the third in the world after China (1.34 billion) and India (1.17 billion). More than half of its "inhabitants", approximately 600 million are connecting from a mobile device, and 522 million access the site every day.

- The United States has the largest number of Facebook users (166 million), followed by Brazil (58 million), India (55 million), Indonesia (47 million) and Mexico (38 million) (figures socialbakers.com). Facebook is the first online community in most countries. Among the few exceptions are Russia, where it has 10 million users, but is preceded by VKontakte and Odnoklassniki, and China, where it is forbidden.

- Facebook has 140.3 billion "friendships" on its network. The button "I like" button was pressed more than 1130 billion times. In total 219 billion photos were published on the website, 62.6 million music tracks listened to 22 billion times, and locations 17 billion have been reported (source: Facebook)

- Facebook was the second largest IPO in U.S. history. With an entry price on the market for $ 38, the operation has removed 18 May 16.02 billion dollars. Only the group of Visa did better with $ 17.9 billion in 2008. Since then, the title has collapsed and lost about 40% of its value.

- Facebook announced in July, published its first results since its IPO, a quarterly net loss of $ 157 million for a turnover of 1.18 billion.

- Facebook has created the youngest billionaires in the world: his boss Mark Zuckerberg and one of its co-founders Dustin Moskovitz have both 28 years old. Does this mean that if they were legendary rock stars, they would be dead in a year? ...
The plunge in share price, however, lost $ 8.1 billion to Mark Zuckerberg, according to Forbes magazine which ranked 36th in September in its ranking of the wealthiest Americans, with a fortune estimated at $ 9.4 billion.

- Facebook had 3,976 employees at the end of June, and has indicated a desire to hire "thousands".

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