HTC: profits down 80%, the first alert?

HTC delivers a disappointing performance - analysts say worrying - for its third fiscal quarter. Indeed, the Taiwanese manufacturer of smartphones recorded a turnover down 30% compared to the previous quarter to 1.84 billion euros. Between July and September, HTC also saw its profits fall by 80% (!), Falling to 102 million euros. Sure the manufacturer is not still in the red, but this sudden drop in its activity should act as a warning, especially if one refers to the same period a year earlier, HTC realized 491 million profits.

The explanation is simple, HTC is losing market share to profits including Samsung, which - it - sign a record profit of 5.6 billion euros in its next fiscal quarter, largely driven by the success of its terminals the Galaxy. But other manufacturers there is little time to come behind him went to HTC. This is particularly the case of Chinese ZTE to him, has seen its sales triple over the past year. Peter Chou, CEO of HTC, expects a rapid response teams, who complained in two e-mails to senior bureaucracy that exists within the group, citing meetings that do not lead to important strategic decisions.

To boost sales, HTC put emphasis on the development of Windows Phone segment in which it will offer its Windows Phone 8S and 8X end of the year. HTC will also find colors on the Android market high-end with the One X +.

HTC: profits down 80%, the first alert?

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