iPhone: Apple explains artifacts light

Following the testimony of users experiencing bright artifacts when taking pictures with the iPhone 5, Apple has published a technical note on its website explaining this particular phenomenon that affects all digital cameras. Concerning the problem of purple fringing artifacts or other colors encountered when taking pictures, we can read:

iPhone: Apple explains artifacts light

"The majority of small digital cameras, including those found in each generation of iPhone, can generate forms of refraction of light on the edge of the frame when capturing images with a lighting outside the scene. This can happen when a light source is positioned at an angle (usually just outside the frame of the shot) which can cause surface reflection inside the lens module and also on the sensor.

Move the camera slightly so to change the position of the light returning to the target, or protecting the lens with your hands should minimize or eliminate the effect. '

The iPhone 5 would not be more prone to artifacts brighter than other iPhone models, this phenomenon varies greatly depending on the position of the camera relative to the light.

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