Microsoft Surface for smartphones and new Nexus at Google?

Microsoft, like Google's Nexus phones offers in addition to its tablet Nexus 7 (always with manufacturing partners), provides launch its own smartphone space to help the market penetration of its product range to be launched shortly with the tablets of the same name in Windows 8. And while we hear that Google is preparing to relaunch a series of smartphones Nexus with partners such as Samsung, LG, HTC or Sony, for its part, Microsoft is negotiating with the manufacturer Pegatron to design its plants in a Windows Phone 8 Smartphone sold under the brand clean surface. This phone come out in the first half of 2013.

According to Digitimes sources, Google has planned to let the manufacturers decide technical specifications and design of the Nexus phones in preparation, which will use the latest Android operating system natively. The idea would be for Google to not offer preferential treatment to Motorola Mobility, yet he bought recently. However, at Microsoft, the bell sound is different because the publisher would ensure scrupulous not to compete too strongly its partners offering Windows Phone 8 as Nokia with Lumia, or HTC and Samsung.

Thus, the specifications and design of any smartphone space would be well differentiated. But Microsoft restricting its partners technical point of view software and hardware, there is a strong belief that the smartphone space would not be so different than that of its partners WP8 smartphones, which could rekindle tensions existing area around the shelves. Follow a rumor ..
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