Russia to conquer the Web with Yandex

For years, the Russians must use American tools to surf the web. Even though the Cold War is behind us, it could not last. Yandex, one of the largest Internet companies in Russia, has launched a national browser compatible with Mac OSX and Windows.

This browser is built on open source Chromium and operates from a WebKit rendering engine. As explained Arkady Volozh, CEO of Yandex, it is to "make the Internet experience faster, easier and safer for everyone."
For safety, Yandex has teamed up with the publisher of Kaspersky antivirus which has integrated its technology in the browser. For speed, the editor has chosen the Opera Turbo that compresses pages before transferring to the user, which accelerates the display. This feature should be available in the next version.

For the company, it is not to attack the giants of navigation that are Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer. It is about creating an environment for the Russian people whether at home or abroad.
According to the Russian cabinet LiveInternet, the ranking of Russia consists browsers Opera (30%), Firefox (19%) and Explorer (14%). With Chrome, Google is not playing in the big leagues allowing to quickly reach Yandex climb into the pack. Note also that the launch of the browser takes place the day of the visit to Russia by Mark Zuckerberg. Is this a coincidence?

Russia to conquer the Web with Yandex

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