Windows 8 computers already in stocks

In a little less than three weeks, Windows 8 will be released, and with it many new series of computers. This October 26 is crucial for the publisher Microsoft, but also for its partners rely heavily on the new OS to boost PC sales stagnant or declining that, in many markets. And if analysts are pessimistic, manufacturers hope for them that will boost as striking as in the release of Windows 7, which was a success in 2009.

Windows 8 computers already in stocks

Computers running Windows 8 which we learn that they began to be referred to by U.S. online stores like, which offers booking of five references brands Acer and Gateway, three laptops and two all-in-one . A site that confirms that these units in stock and is ready to be shipped on or after October 26, as stated by ZDNet. Prices and configurations are nothing amazing, and manufacturers rely too - especially? - On Windows 8 tablets and hybrids to sell many parts, highlighting "new" uses.

Stocks of Windows 8 PCs are beginning to form at the shops. They expect to have to face, too, to stockouts? That's another story ...
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