Apple’s iPad 4 tops Sony’s PlayStation Vita in graphic power

Unhappy face of Playstation vita
Play Station Vita; Image credit BlogCdn
Apple with A6 processor moved to a custom designed chip. In case you don’t know, A6 processor is what iPhone 5 is powered by. What makes A6 so special is that, it can automatically Overclock itself if the iPhone requires more power, and it can also underclock itself if the iPhone doesn’t require extra power. With this kind of approach iPhone is able to give you a better battery life. 

iPad 4 is powered by A6X chip. An iteration of Custom A6 chip. This has a little more extra power to drive those extra pixels of iPad. 

Though nothing special, AnandTech did a test of iPads raw graphic power and the result was quite surprising. 

iPad 4 beats out Sony’s PlayStation Vita, the most powerful dedicated handheld gaming machine ever. Vita though not a new comer in the market-- it was released around February of this year. 

Now when iPad’s guts are more capable than Vita, I see no reason why people will not prefer iPad over Vita. Some reasons why people can or rather will prefer Vita over iPad is its portability and games. 

But when it comes to raw performance, iPad just crushes its competition. (I am saying "competition" which includes all—Surface, Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and Amazons Kindle fire HD) 

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