16 GB Nexus 7 Coming to India

The Next Web's Nick reports that, 16 GB version of Nexus 7 will be sold in shops later today.
.. [A] spokesperson told TNW however that the Nexus 7 will in fact be going on sale later today. It is understood to be the original 16GB version, and retail at Rs 19,990.
I highly doubt it might not do well in India with such a high price. If we do a little math 19,990 is nearly $ 368 (USD). So, Asus is selling it at a price which is just double as of what is available in US right now. 

Also, for this price, you'll get a 16 GB, laggy, under powered, a year old, Tablet which can only access Apps, as other things are not available outside the US and Internet access has to be done via "Wifi". I think getting iPad Mini, which will be available in the same price range, makes a better buy. Sorry, Google (Asus) not this time. 

The Next Web
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