How To Disable Startup Programs In Windows

We often install programs on our computer and though you might not use them on a regular basis but it might slow down your boot times. Often when some application is installed, it might make an entry of itself in Boot list automatically. So when you'll boot your computer next time you'll find that app running in background. It might come handy if its a service that you use quite often during one session, but if the application is like installed-and-to-get-forgotten, it might be a burden on your computer. After installing many such application you might see a lot increase in boot times and also might make your computer slower by taking all the resources. But here's how to keep up with those apps.  

First of all, click on start button and search 
In XP, you can do it by clicking run and by typing the same "msconfig.exe". 

Now you will see a window, like this screenshot. Now click on "Startup tab"

You'll see all the services that will startup with your computer. Take your time and uncheck all the services which you do not want to start with your computer.

Now click OK to proceed and it will now prompt you to restart your computer. You can either click RESTART to restart computer or click EXIT WITHOUT RESTART to exit msconfig dialog without restarting your computer at the moment. 

And this is all it takes. You may restart your computer later to see if it works with you. For any queries related to this post, you may either comment below or email us  

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