Speed Up File Copying Rate With TeraCopy

Copying large files can give a pain sometimes. Since Windows inbuilt copy/paste transfer dialog is slow and it can annoy you sometimes. Windows 8 has dropped the primitive Copy/paste dialog while adding features like pause, graphs etc. Although, it's good but it isn't available in Windows 7, Vista or XP. (Vista's Copy/Paste is obnoxious)

Tera Copy from Code Sector is free file copying utility that decreases time to finish copying a file. Its just 2.8 MB file and I am pretty amazed how much they have packed in such a small file size. Just like Windows 8, TeraCopy can pause the ongoing file transfer. Also, a quick thing to note is, this is one of those products which do not annoy users. It can overcome the default Windows Explorer Copy/paste dialog so it do not ask you again and again to make it your default file transfer software (One annoying thing that our browsers do) 

 In a case if there is a coping error then TeraCopy will try several times to recover, and in the worst case scenario, will simply skip the file and not terminating the whole transfer. Overall this is a must have software for every Windows User and did I mentioned this service is free. 

You can download it from here CNET or Code Sector.
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