How To Search Anything That You See With Google Goggles

Google has a great reputation in search market and they are moving a step further with Google Goggles. This is an Application that is developed by Google that helps you search what you see. It searches for anything that you capture with your handheld device.

How To Use It

For using it you must have an Android or iOS device as official app is available only in their respective stores. After downloading (Links below) it on your smartphone, launch the app. You will just have to then point at anything and take a picture of it. The picture will then be uploaded to Google's own server and with their magical algorithms, perfect matching results including Google search, Images, eBooks, Video etc. of it will show up and everything happens in a few seconds. 

Business card to picture
Google Goggles in action; Picture Courtesy: Lifehacker

Recently, Google added support to business cards. As you scan your business card it converts all the information into an uncluttered format. And this can be saved in your phone for later revision. This can be really helpful when you are running short of time. Also, this works pretty well for landmarks, books, contacts, artwork, logo's and more. But this app still falls short when you click food, animals, apparels etc. in it. 

You can download this app on Android from Play Store and for iOS users from iTunes

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