How To Use Twitter List Like A Pro

Twitter list are one of those useful feature that can save your time as well as can make you feel productive. For the most part you can use this feature to stay in touch with your best mates or with your workgroup. Like if you don't wanna miss tweets of some people, add them to specific lists and it is an good alternative of bookmarking them in your browser. Also, you can follow a persons tweets with the help of lists without actually following that person.  

How To Create Lists

First of all you need to login to your Twitter account from []. After when you are logged in you may see a gear like small icon in the top right side. Click on it and then click lists. 

Hit create a list and Choose the name of the list. For adding members to the list you can search a person and when you're on this twitter page click on a button that is next to follow button. 

Now in the menu click "add or remove from the list". Alternatively, you can use TwitListManager. It is a powerful tool that will help you make twitter list easily. 

You can create lists for many things, like for some geeks, or for some friends or for some bloggers or your team at office. 

Discovering great lists is easy too. You can go to any of the below mentioned site to view some great twitter lists. 

TwitterCounter: It tracks stats for users and find 100 most popular Twitter list daily

Listorious — This site helps to find experts on a specific topic within Twitter by searching for themes like "activism," "politics," or "celebrities."

With the help of Flipboard, that is available for iPad and iPhone, you can view a beautiful page that contains images, articles and more from the members in your list. 

You can also keep track of members in list with help of some desktop clients too. Like MetroTwit, Tweetdeck, Tweetbot etc. you can create a seprate panel for your list and it don't get mixed with your other tweets. 

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