Is Blackberry Dead On Arrival?

Blackberry – a renowned Smartphone maker, now crying to be on someone’s hand. This word – blackberry, seems now laughably stupid. You would have laughed at the last line, maybe, because they are losing market share right now. Everything is going in the opposite direction for Research In Motion. If I would have said the same line, on which you laughed right now, in 2007 or 2006, you would have laughed at me. Not because blackberry is changing itsmeaning right now, but because most had a blackberry powered device at that time

When Steve Jobs released the iPhone in 2007, Ballmer laughed, and said “It was the most expensive phone in the world”. Nobody gave a damn to the iPhone. And iPhone was the only reason why Blackberry sales dropped the first time and dropped year after year. Now the problem isn’t an iPhone, the real problem is "Android".

Android – a bigger a problem than iOS

Android has outgrown in the market since its inception. It not only has challenged iPhone head to head, it has almost made Windows phone, Symbian and WebOS out of space. The major reason why Android has been able to knock off the competition is its cross collaboration.

Every big Smartphone maker now exists because of Android. First Android powered device was revealed later than the iPhone, at that time the Android was in infancy. iOS was also in infancy but it was much better polished than any other OS at that time. From that time till now, Android has gained significant features and share, it is much superior polished than any other OS and now Apple is doing the "catch up" thing with Android in the iOS.

iOS dropped a significant market share, according to the Q3 earnings. The android's market share is 75% of the total Smartphone market. That’s huge and is enough for Blackberry to drop its jaw. A single competition market is always hard to get conquered. If the scenario was Android had a market share of 25%, iOS had 25%, Windows phone had 25%, it wouldn’t have been a big deal for Blackberry to get into the market and target Other which still has a market share of 25%. But this is not the scenario, my friend [Blackberry].

Web – keep scrutinizing them 

What really is worth noting that Blackberry has too many enemies. Of course indirectly, each website loves to poke fun at them. Let’s take an example of Gizmodo, “You Might literally be allergic to Blackberry Phones”. This was the headline of new article that was posted on 10 November.

According to a recent study, around one third of all BlackBerries contains nickel, a metal that causes allergic reactions in 17 percent of women and 3 percent of men. As if that wasn't bad enough, many of these phones also contain cobalt, yet another contact allergen.

This is not a story of a single website on the internet poking fun at Blackberry phones or services. Here’s another one by Joy Of Tech, they are famous for making cartoons of Technology:

Latecomer in the market

BB10 is coming in 2013. Not-so-early-for-a-Smartphone-OS. I certainly think, they could have done better with the same OS and same features, if they had been in the market just around in 2011. 2013 is damn late. Android activations topping every peak, just around 1 Million activations per day they are kicking asses of their competitors. And another reason, it might not do so well, is because Q4 is totally Apple’s. iPhone 5 released, Foxconn is making iPhones at full pace and Apple is out of Osborne effect, who won’t think Q4 is totally iPhones.
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