Save Webpages as PDF using Chrome

Often sometimes you might come across some articles that are long enough to read in one shot or are very good enough so you might want to save it for reading it later offline. What if I say, you can save documents, webpage or anything you see on your browser to PDF with just a one single click. Yes, you can do it with Chrome. Here's how to do it. 

Step 1. Visit the webpage you want to save as a PDF document.

Step 2. Click on the wrench button, which is situated on the upper right hand corner of the browser window. Then click on "Print", or alternatively use "CTRL+P" shortcut to invoke the print dialog. (As you would be thinking what the heck Print has to do with saving document as a PDF, but trust me, Google did a great job in Hiding this key feature there.)

Step 3. When Print dialog will open up, there you will see an option to save the file. Click on change button under it. 

Step 4. Now, there will be some options, and one option will be to save the file on a local destination which would have "Save as PDF" as a sub-option. Choose where you want to save the following file in your local directory, and you are done.
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