Microsoft Needs to Rebrand itself

The time has gone when Microsoft was the King on the planet, still it is the top tech company right now but the time isn't really right for them. Last week two announcements that have cleared the future plans of Microsoft. 

Windows 8 and Surface were the two big announcements, but were they really exciting? Not really! They were not. They wanted to create a suspense and wanted to launch the product in the Cupertino-Style (Like Apple style) but failed at it. They weren't too magical, like we knew what was coming. But for sure, after talking like for a decade about a Tablet-PC, but eventually when it came to presenting an actual product, they pushed the dates even further on. Still with the Surface they haven't shown off the actual working product to anyone, all they talk about is a 'prototype'. Surface, isn't a great product after all. It seems quite Copy-ish

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