Rumor: smartphones in preparation at Amazon

In the same way that Facebook is reportedly preparing a Facebook Phone with a dedicated OS, the Amazon group could do the same. The rumor is not new and is part of a strategy to conquer the mobile market has become a significant gateway to the services of their companies, so as to exceed in some cases the traditional access from a PC.

Have its own mobile OS (which can be derived from an existing platform), it is also the opportunity to showcase its services and to encourage users to use. Bloomberg reports that the preparation of a smartphone Amazon would be in an active phase, with assembler Foxconn (already manufacturer of iPhone and iPad) as prime contractor for its realization.

The U.S. group is also in times of acquisition of patents to defend its intellectual property in a mobile industry prompt chopping complaints at this level. The purpose of the smartphone will be the same as for the tablet Kindle Fire: allow users to directly access its content offerings.

If Bloomberg evokes a desire to compete iOS or Android, Amazon's strategy is not so much conquer the smartphone market or shelves and move the balance to disseminate its ecosystem in the mobile sphere, without intermediaries, which fatalementt led to take market share from other platforms in place.

To ensure his rear, Amazon would have been interested in patents of InterDigital (a patent firm that tried to sell part of its intellectual property in the wake of the auction record of the equipment manufacturer Nortel patents in 2011 that Google escaped, leading him to buy Motorola Mobility one month later).
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